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You should read your name and you score. Scores are saved when you quit. Your name is asked for to the operating system.
Despite every other games on earth, you do not start with no points, but with one. This is so because you can't play a level if you do not already score at least as many points than the score of the level. With you only point, you can play only the first level for now. If you ace it, you win another point. You could then play level 2 for 2 other points, etc... But beware that if you lose by time, your score will be seized down by the amount of score of the level you failed. Anyway, one point is a minimum.

Click on ok if you understood, otherwise on Quit.

Main Loop

Here you can choose what you want to do. for now, you want to play, let's click Play.


There are two way : tournament or free.

Tournament is the only way to get some score. If you play freely, you won't ever lose nor win any points. Every levels that you will build can be played freely, not in tournament.


Here you have a list of levels. Choose the one you can aford. Now with your only point, go for the first one. The arrows at the bottom are used to scroll the list. Back can take you to the main loop.

Free Play

It's the same here, without score.

Level Editor

Here (click on edit at main loop), you can build your own levels. Start by clicking on an empty row and enter a name for it. Be original : I do not remember having checked the multiple use of same name.
When you are proud of your name, hit Return. Then, click the name as in any other level list, and you will enter the editor.
It works like the game itself (see next page), but there is no particular solution to reach, and you start with every possible primitives. A special icon is used to remove unwanted primitives. Be kind with the CSG, the algorithm beeing o(x^2) in bad days.

When you leave the editor, your level is still listed in the editors pool. To validate this level and send it to the free play pool, click on its checkbox under End. If you want to delete it, click on its checkbox under Del. If you inverse both often, don't hesitate to code an undo function.