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Presentation Title Authors
LinuxTag Conference (PDF)
Cybernetics Oriented Programming (CYBOP) Christian Heller (Photo)
Linux World Conference and Expo (PDF)
Frankfurt am Main
November 2005
Cybernetics Oriented Programming (CYBOP) Poster Christian Heller (Photo)
Diploma Presentation [German] (PDF)
Technical University of Ilmenau
July 2005
Untersuchung der Realisierungsmoeglichkeiten von CYBOL-Webfrontends, unter Verwendung von Konzepten des Cybernetics Oriented Programming (CYBOP) Rolf Holzmueller
OSHCA Conference (HTML)
Los Angeles
November 2002
Cybernetics Oriented Programming (CYBOP) in Res Medicinae Christian Heller
Internal Presentation (HTML)
Technical University of Ilmenau
April 2002
Res Medicinae / CYBOP (ResMedLib) Architecture Christian Heller