News Archive

2020-07-29 Release CYBOP 0.21.0.
2018-06-30 Release CYBOP 0.20.0.
2017-04-10 Release CYBOP 0.19.0.
2016-12-21 Release CYBOP 0.18.0.
2016-03-07 Update CYBOL API Specification.
2015-04-20 Release CYBOP 0.17.0.
2014-03-31 Release CYBOP 0.16.0.
2013-09-22 Release CYBOP 0.15.0.
2013-05-31 Release CYBOP 0.14.0.
2013-05-16 Update CYBOL API Specification.
2013-03-29 Release CYBOP 0.13.0.
2012-09-05 Publish paper Veranschaulichung des doppelhierarchischen Ansatzes von CYBOP durch die Programmiersprache Python, written by Max Brauer.
2012-08-22 Release CYBOP 0.12.0.
2012-06-08 Release CYBOP 0.11.0.
2011-10-15 Move project to GNU Savannah Portal, since BerliOS announced to close on 2011-12-31.
2011-02-27 Release CYBOP 0.10.0.
2009-02-01 Release CYBOP 0.9.0.
2007-07-31 Publish Cybernetics Oriented Language (CYBOL) API Specification.
2007-06-02 Present CYBOP at LinuxTag 2007 in Berlin.
2007-05-31 Release CYBOP 0.8.0.
2007-01-19 Publish book Cybernetics Oriented Programming (CYBOP).
2006-09-09 Release CYBOP 1.1.0, CYBOL 1.1.0 and CYBOI 0.7.0, the latter including support for Textual User Interfaces (TUI), shell command execution and thus scripting.
2005-12-15 Publish paper Reflexions on Knowledge Modelling introducing more details on CYBOP.
2005-08-29 Release CYBOI, including rudimentary support for Textual User Interfaces (TUI).
2005-07-12 Add new presentation and diploma work (both in German), prepared by Rolf Holzmueller.
2005-06-28 Release CYBOI, together with a number of documentation packages. This version supports ResAdmin -- the first new module of the Res Medicinae project.
2005-05-12 Update CYBOL DTD, XSD and EBNF.
2005-04-25 Update Tutorials.
2005-03-14 Publish paper A new Pattern Systematics, serving as position paper for a (possible) Focus Group (in evaluation) at the European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs (EuroPLoP).
2005-03-01 Release CYBOI, now containing a Hello, World! example CYBOL application.
2004-11-23 Release CYBOI, for the first time as Debian (.deb) package.
2004-09-13 Release CYBOI, which can parse CYBOL (XML) files.
2004-07-18 Publish paper Cybernetics Oriented Language (CYBOL) at the World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (SCI).
2004-07-09 Add Sockets and CYBOI under Windows Tutorials [German], written by Marcel Kiesling and Teodora Kikova.
2004-06-23 Release CYBOI, which can read a signal inline or from a file.
2004-06-11 Release CYBOI, compilable but not runnable!
2004-04-29 Release CYBOI, now written in the C programming language.
2004-02-09 Add first version of CYBOL DTD and XSD.
2004-02-03 Add X11 and XLib Tutorial [German], written by Martin Fache.
2003-10-26 Present paper A new Concept for System Communication at the Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications (OOPSLA).
2003-09-18 Revise project and feature plan for CYBOP and Res Medicinae.
2003-09-11 Release minor version, of the new XML-based programming language CYBOL and the corresponding interpreter CYBOI.
2003-07-11 Add Jens Kleinschmidt's diploma work on image transfer using CORBA/ SOAP.
2003-06-27 Publish article A flexible Software Architecture for Presentation Layers demonstrated on Medical Documentation with Episodes and Inclusion of Topological Report in Journal of Free and Open Source Medical Computing (JOSMC).
2003-06-23 Release version
2003-06-05 Add new student papers.
2003-04-28 Release version
2003-03-15 Release version being the first after factoring out CYBOP from Res Medicinae. Switch project state to Alpha since some rudimentary stuff can already be produced with our framework.
2003-03-07 Move design stuff, tutorials and some implementation issues from Res Medicinae project to here.
2003-03-07 Add diploma works of Jens Bohl and Torsten Kunze.
2003-02-10 Launch new CYBOP project which is hosted on the German BerliOS Free Software Developer's Portal.