Crossfade GNU/Linux

Welcome to the website of Crossfade GNU/Linux, the cross-platform digital DJ system for USB flash and portable hard drives. Crossfade GNU/Linux allows you to use a USB drive with your music collection to DJ on any modern PC (with an x86 or x86_64 CPU), including Apple Macs, using the DJ program Mixxx customized however you like. USB drives with Crossfade GNU/Linux installed on them show up in Windows, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux as normal USB drives that music or any other data can be copied onto. Unlike ordinary USB drives, they can also be used to boot Crossfade GNU/Linux. After rebooting, the PC will be back to how it was before. See the manual for installation instructions.

Crossfade GNU/Linux and Mixxx are free software—free as in artistic freedom, not just price. You are free and encouraged to use, copy, share, and modify this software however you wish and share your changes with the community on Savannah. Sharing Crossfade GNU/Linux can be a great way to encourage friends to start DJing or introduce DJs who use proprietary software such as Traktor, Serato, or Virtual DJ to free software without having to commit to installing anything on their PC.

Crossfade GNU/Linux is setup with a realtime Linux kernel for optimal performance. It includes the Xfce graphical desktop environment, Midori web browser, and Clementine music player. It has a number of other programs for live musical performance including the Hydrogen drum machine, SooperLooper and Giada loopers, Guitarix electric guitar amplifier, Rakarrak guitar effects board, Ardour digital audio workstation, Audacity wave editor, and many LV2 and LADSPA audio effects plugins. Additionally, Crossfade GNU/Linux includes utilities that make it useful as a computer rescue system, such as the GParted partition manager, GNU GRUB bootloader, TestDisk data recovery program, FSArchiver filesystem backup program, and MATE Disk Usage Analyzer. Crossfade GNU/Linux is a Fedora® Remix containing software from sources other than Fedora, namely RPMFusion and PlanetCCRMA, as well as scripts and configuration specific to Crossfade GNU/Linux.

Download Crossfade GNU/Linux 0.90 via BitTorrent.

Please seed the torrent after downloading. SHA256 checksums of the files in the torrent:

3986214070d1d0dca05b139506efe2e040341468cb5edd578027c7a23f86eb52  crossfade-0.90.iso
a5080ec5dc682d0e0eccd029f1ead985829fff3b6f7924975e44f9f162718a45  crossfade-0.90.ks
9086b8019d17b66bdf77696cf5dfad08dceadb1667bd07fc83549a06e580df98  crossfade-boot
95f05b9cb49c9123b3074044fa2fa1df82c8d9ef4e0c3a16f7be32c8b773c0ba  crossfade-manual.html
e5135f57af4551bdd91456b56ead95e77075d6dbbe7859324c92ad30367ab452  crossfade-usb-install
8ceb4b9ee5adedde47b31e975c1d90c73ad27b6b165a1dcd80c7c545eb65b903  license
a4cecac3570f8a6c7eaccea0dcbeace1c9fd55b2fa05539149de6c91fd7e5ad8  license.html

Direct download ISO image

Hosting for the ISO image is kindly provided by OpenAV productions. You will also need to download the crossfade-usb-install script to install the ISO image to a USB drive from GNU/Linux.

To ask for support, report bugs, or submit patches, visit the Savannah project page. To be notified of new releases, subscribe to the crossfade-announce mailing list.

The source code for Crossfade is available in /usr/share/crossfade in the root filesystem of each release. You can also get it by cloning the git repository:
git clone git://
If you are interested in participating the development of Crossfade GNU/Linux, please subscribe to the crossfade-devel mailing list.