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color-theme is an emacs-lisp mode for skinning your emacs. Features are:

  • Huge and extensible theme library
  • Easy to use
  • Works on pretty all emacs flavours
  • Mature source code

Current stable release is 6.6.0 available at our download site.



2009-04-16 Homepage launched !


color-theme is currently licensed under the GPLv2 (and later). I am preparing to switch to GPLv3. I am trying to contact all theme makers in order to have a license for each theme.


Coming soon.

Download and installation


You can download color-theme from:

There are both tar and zip files.

Note these files are gpg-signed (mandatory) against my key.

To verify the integrity of the files, just do:

gpg --verify <file.sig> <file>

Replace file with color-theme-6.6.0.tar.gz or

More precise instructions to come

Recommended way: use your package manager

We recommend users to install color-theme using their respective distribution package manager.

Here are examples:

# Debian and derived
apt-get install emacs-goodies-el
# Gentoo
emerge color-theme
# Slackware via SBo
sbopkg -i color-theme-el

For further specific post-configuration steps, ask directly to them


This section suppose you have already installed color-theme-el either using the tarball or using a package manager.

All you need to do in order to configure your color-theme-el package is to add this to your .emacs.el file:

(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/color-theme.el/file")
(require 'color-theme)
(eval-after-load "color-theme"

Then you can choose your color-theme theme by issuing M-x color-theme-<TAB> RET

Specific notes


Development is hosted on savannah color-theme project.

color-theme is using GNU Bazaar to ease interaction between developers.

In order to submit your patches, you will need to branch from our repository and either send your patch or commit directly (provided you have been granted to do so).

(For a write access onto the repository, follow instructions on the Contact section)


The color-theme-devel mailing list can be used for questions, discussions, or anything relating to this mode.

Please visit color-theme-el mailing-list page to subscribe our list.

For bugs (or patches), please try to avoid using it and prefer using savannah's tools (see left menu).

At the very last, you can try to reach me via jabber at

Side notes

Best way to get help is by using one of these channels:

  • to report a bug, use the bug tool (see left menu)
  • to send a patch, use the patch tracking tool
  • to discuss an idea or offer your services, use our list
  • to ask for help, try both the list our EmacsWiki color-theme page
  • to ask for write access to our DVC, explain your reasons to the list

Bugs, patches and tasks are mirrored to the list, do not duplicate.

Also when reporting bugs, try to describe as much as you can a step-by-step way to reproduce it (and check that you can reproduce it without any user options -i.e. via emacs -Q).

If you have feature request, you have to report a bug of severity 1

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