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cmdftp : a command line shell-like ftp client

cmdftp is a command line FTP client for Unix under GPLv3.

Features include passive mode for all data transfers, shell like transparent syntax for local and remote modes, multiple and recursive file transfers using wildcards, recursive copy and move commands, remote and local text file viewing and editing, network errors detection and resuming of currently executing command, partial download resuming (if server accepts REST command), tab completion for both local and remote names, autologin using classic ~/.netrc approach, large file support.

cmdftp is aimed at being small and simple.

cmdftp links and downloads

You might want to try cmdftp right now, so here is a link to download the latest version - cmdftp-0.9.7.tar.gz

For everything concerning cmdftp development, check out the project page on savannah: .

Needed software

You will need tools to extract the source, and the C compiler.
A text editor and a pager will be needed at run-time for some additional (optional) functionalities (read on).

Installation instructions

To build the executable (cmdftp) extract the source code from the file (cmdftp-version.tar.gz) first. A new directory cmdftp-version is included in the tarball.

Then build using:

make install

There is more information in README file contained in the cmdftp release so refer to that file for other information on cmdftp configuration and installation.

External resources

For easier source code installation, try the GNU Source Installer .

The following packages have not been built by me, and I did not try them. Packages for other platforms may be around the net.


Options, commands and more

Please refer to the cmdftp man page.

Last updated: 2007-09-19