Chemeq options in the command line

You can choose chemeq's output by specifying some options.
Valid options are the following :
  -h	outputs a *H*elp message.
  -m	outputs a *M*inimal output. It allows chemeq to be idempotent,
	i.e. the command 'chemeq | chemeq' is equivalent to 'chemeq'.
  -l	outputs a *L*aTeX string representing the chemical equation.
  -c	outputs a message giving informations about the *C*onservation of
	elements and charges in the equation. 'OK' means that both elements
	and electric charges are balanced.
  -w	outputs the LaTeX string representing the Gulder-*W*aage equation
	related to the input chemical equation, or the Nernst equation,
	if the input equation is a redox semi-equation.
  -n	outputs a *N*ormalized string accounting for the input equation.
	Two chemical equations having the same normalized string are chemically
	equivalent, even if the molecules are scrambled around and the 
	coefficient are not equal but proportionnal.

'chemeq' defaults to 'chemeq -mlcwn'.
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Georges Khaznadar
Last modified: Tue May 21 14:39:09 CEST 2002