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Bio-Speckle Laser Tool Library

The Bio-Speckle Laser (BSL) phenomenon can be studied by means of many techniques. In this sense, here it is presented the BSL Tool Library (BSLTL) as a free software solution to digital image processing of speckle pattern images. The library is written in the code style and syntax of OCTAVE and MATLAB.


Octave online installing:

pkg install -forge bsltl
pkg load bsltl

The BSLTL offers:
  • A modular way of working, using a structured programming style.
  • Functions to load a package from a set of images.
  • Functions to deal with many time history speckle patterns.
  • Functions implementing many numerical biospeckle indexes. For example: inertia moment, avd, etc.
  • Functions implementing many graphical biospeckle indexes. For example: Fujii, generalized differences, standard deviation, etc.
  • Functions for frequency filtering of datapacks.
  • Functions to quality test of a collection of images.
Books relatives to BSLTL package and the Biospeckle phenomenon.
Reference manuals of the BSLTL package.
Tutorials about the BSLTL package and topics relatives to the Biospeckle phenomenon.

Download Free Biospeckle Images

You can download here free samples of biospeckle images. The pictures represent the result of apply a graphical biopeckle index over the biospeckle images.

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