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5.1 Atmel STK600

The following devices are supported by the respective STK600 routing and socket card:

Routing cardSocket cardDevices
STK600-ATTINY10ATtiny4 ATtiny5 ATtiny9 ATtiny10
STK600-RC008T-2STK600-DIPATtiny11 ATtiny12 ATtiny13 ATtiny13A ATtiny25 ATtiny45 ATtiny85
STK600-RC020T-1STK600-DIPATtiny2313 ATtiny2313A ATtiny4313
STK600-RC014T-12STK600-DIPATtiny24 ATtiny44 ATtiny84 ATtiny24A ATtiny44A
STK600-RC020T-8STK600-DIPATtiny26 ATtiny261 ATtiny261A ATtiny461 ATtiny861 ATtiny861A
STK600-RC020T-43STK600-SOICATtiny261 ATtiny261A ATtiny461 ATtiny461A ATtiny861 ATtiny861A
STK600-RC020T-23STK600-SOICATtiny87 ATtiny167
STK600-RC028M-6STK600-DIPATtiny48 ATtiny88 ATmega8 ATmega8A ATmega48 ATmega88 ATmega168 ATmega48P ATmega48PA ATmega88P ATmega88PA ATmega168P ATmega168PA ATmega328P
STK600-RC040M-4STK600-DIPATmega8515 ATmega162
STK600-RC044M-30STK600-TQFP44ATmega8515 ATmega162
STK600-RC040M-5STK600-DIPATmega8535 ATmega16 ATmega16A ATmega32 ATmega32A ATmega164P ATmega164PA ATmega324P ATmega324PA ATmega644 ATmega644P ATmega644PA ATmega1284P
STK600-RC044M-31STK600-TQFP44ATmega8535 ATmega16 ATmega16A ATmega32 ATmega32A ATmega164P ATmega164PA ATmega324P ATmega324PA ATmega644 ATmega644P ATmega644PA ATmega1284P
STK600-RC032M-29STK600-TQFP32ATmega8 ATmega8A ATmega48 ATmega88 ATmega168 ATmega48P ATmega48PA ATmega88P ATmega88PA ATmega168P ATmega168PA ATmega328P
STK600-RC064M-9STK600-TQFP64ATmega64 ATmega64A ATmega128 ATmega128A ATmega1281 ATmega2561 AT90CAN32 AT90CAN64 AT90CAN128
STK600-RC064M-10STK600-TQFP64ATmega165 ATmega165P ATmega169 ATmega169P ATmega169PA ATmega325 ATmega325P ATmega329 ATmega329P ATmega645 ATmega649 ATmega649P
STK600-RC100M-11STK600-TQFP100ATmega640 ATmega1280 ATmega2560
STK600-RC100M-18STK600-TQFP100ATmega3250 ATmega3250P ATmega3290 ATmega3290P ATmega6450 ATmega6490
STK600-RC032U-20STK600-TQFP32AT90USB82 AT90USB162 ATmega8U2 ATmega16U2 ATmega32U2
STK600-RC044U-25STK600-TQFP44ATmega16U4 ATmega32U4
STK600-RC064U-17STK600-TQFP64ATmega32U6 AT90USB646 AT90USB1286 AT90USB647 AT90USB1287
STK600-RCPWM-22STK600-TQFP32ATmega32C1 ATmega64C1 ATmega16M1 ATmega32M1 ATmega64M1
STK600-RC044M-24STK600-TSSOP44ATmega16HVB ATmega32HVB
STK600-RC100X-13STK600-TQFP100ATxmega64A1 ATxmega128A1 ATxmega128A1_revD ATxmega128A1U
STK600-RC064X-14STK600-TQFP64ATxmega64A3 ATxmega128A3 ATxmega256A3 ATxmega64D3 ATxmega128D3 ATxmega192D3 ATxmega256D3
STK600-RC044X-15STK600-TQFP44ATxmega32A4 ATxmega16A4 ATxmega16D4 ATxmega32D4
STK600-uC3-144AT32UC3A0512 AT32UC3A0256 AT32UC3A0128
STK600-RCUC3A144-33STK600-TQFP144AT32UC3A0512 AT32UC3A0256 AT32UC3A0128
STK600-RCuC3A100-28STK600-TQFP100AT32UC3A1512 AT32UC3A1256 AT32UC3A1128
STK600-RCuC3B0-21STK600-TQFP64-2AT32UC3B0256 AT32UC3B0512RevC AT32UC3B0512 AT32UC3B0128 AT32UC3B064 AT32UC3D1128
STK600-RCuC3B48-27STK600-TQFP48AT32UC3B1256 AT32UC3B164
STK600-RCUC3A144-32STK600-TQFP144AT32UC3A3512 AT32UC3A3256 AT32UC3A3128 AT32UC3A364 AT32UC3A3256S AT32UC3A3128S AT32UC3A364S
STK600-RCUC3C0-36STK600-TQFP144AT32UC3C0512 AT32UC3C0256 AT32UC3C0128 AT32UC3C064
STK600-RCUC3C1-38STK600-TQFP100AT32UC3C1512 AT32UC3C1256 AT32UC3C1128 AT32UC3C164
STK600-RCUC3C2-40STK600-TQFP64-2AT32UC3C2512 AT32UC3C2256 AT32UC3C2128 AT32UC3C264
STK600-RCUC3C0-37STK600-TQFP144AT32UC3C0512 AT32UC3C0256 AT32UC3C0128 AT32UC3C064
STK600-RCUC3C1-39STK600-TQFP100AT32UC3C1512 AT32UC3C1256 AT32UC3C1128 AT32UC3C164
STK600-RCUC3C2-41STK600-TQFP64-2AT32UC3C2512 AT32UC3C2256 AT32UC3C2128 AT32UC3C264
STK600-RCUC3L0-34STK600-TQFP48AT32UC3L064 AT32UC3L032 AT32UC3L016

Ensure the correct socket and routing card are mounted before powering on the STK600. While the STK600 firmware ensures the socket and routing card mounted match each other (using a table stored internally in nonvolatile memory), it cannot handle the case where a wrong routing card is used, e. g. the routing card STK600-RC040M-5 (which is meant for 40-pin DIP AVRs that have an ADC, with the power supply pins in the center of the package) was used but an ATmega8515 inserted (which uses the “industry standard” pinout with Vcc and GND at opposite corners).

Note that for devices that use the routing card STK600-RC008T-2, in order to use ISP mode, the jumper for AREF0 must be removed as it would otherwise block one of the ISP signals. High-voltage serial programming can be used even with that jumper installed.

The ISP system of the STK600 contains a detection against shortcuts and other wiring errors. AVRDUDE initiates a connection check before trying to enter ISP programming mode, and display the result if the target is not found ready to be ISP programmed.

High-voltage programming requires the target voltage to be set to at least 4.5 V in order to work. This can be done using Terminal Mode, see Terminal Mode Operation.

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