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1.1 History and Credits

AVRDUDE was written by Brian S. Dean under the name of AVRPROG to run on the FreeBSD Operating System. Brian renamed the software to be called AVRDUDE when interest grew in a Windows port of the software so that the name did not conflict with AVRPROG.EXE which is the name of Atmel’s Windows programming software.

The AVRDUDE source now resides in the public CVS repository on savannah.gnu.org (http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/avrdude/), where it continues to be enhanced and ported to other systems. In addition to FreeBSD, AVRDUDE now runs on Linux and Windows. The developers behind the porting effort primarily were Ted Roth, Eric Weddington, and Joerg Wunsch.

And in the spirit of many open source projects, this manual also draws on the work of others. The initial revision was composed of parts of the original Unix manual page written by Joerg Wunsch, the original web site documentation by Brian Dean, and from the comments describing the fields in the AVRDUDE configuration file by Brian Dean. The texi formatting was modeled after that of the Simulavr documentation by Ted Roth.

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