Environmental considerations

Use of stdout vs. stderr

In general, the stdout stream is a potential candidate for data IO in AVRDUDE. If a filename in the -U option is given as -, it will internally be replaced by using the stdout stream on output. This can be useful to e.g. verify fuse settings within a Makefile, and it is potentially also usable by various non-integrated GUI frontends that exist.

This usage of stdout requires that AVRDUDE itself does never use that stream for any status or informational messages etc. Therefore, all messages of any kind go to stderr instead.

There are two possible exceptions from this rule:

Use of exit()

All backend modules, i.e. everything that eventually goes into libavrdude.a must not call exit() directly. The library could be potentially used by a future GUI frontend, and the GUI environment might get fairly upset about a library module suddenly exiting upon encountering a backend problem. Also, more sophisticated frontends than the current CLI frontend might not immediately want to give up in case of a problem, but could offer the user to start over.

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