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interrupt.h File Reference

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Global manipulation of the interrupt flag

The global interrupt flag is maintained in the I bit of the status register (SREG).

Handling interrupts frequently requires attention regarding atomic access to objects that could be altered by code running within an interrupt context, see <util/atomic.h>.

Frequently, interrupts are being disabled for periods of time in order to perform certain operations without being disturbed; see Problems with reordering code for things to be taken into account with respect to compiler optimizations.

#define sei()
#define cli()
Macros for writing interrupt handler functions
#define ISR(vector, attributes)
#define SIGNAL(vector)
#define EMPTY_INTERRUPT(vector)
#define ISR_ALIAS(vector, target_vector)
#define reti()
#define BADISR_vect
ISR attributes
#define ISR_BLOCK
#define ISR_NAKED
#define ISR_NOICF
#define ISR_ALIASOF(target_vector)

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