Gnu Emacs Ada mode homepage

Ada mode 8.0.4

Available via Gnu ELPA.
Requires Emacs 25.3 or greater. Compiling the required Ada code requires GNAT GPL 2017 or later; tested with GNAT Community Edition 2019 and GNAT Pro 20.
To install:
ada-mode project page on savannah

Access git repository, etc.

To clone the git repository, use "git clone -b org.emacs.ada-mode"; otherwise git uses the non-existent branch "master". After cloning that branch, run to checkout wisitoken, sal, etc.

ELPA page for ada-mode
Ada mode manual, NEWS, and old versions
ELPA page for wisi
wisi manual, NEWS, and old versions

Using the AdaCore ada_language_server (als) via eglot is supported, for cross reference (als does not yet support all the other features we'd like to have). als is installed with GNATStudio (which ada-mode will find by default), or can be built with Alire. If you build it with Alire, either put it in PATH, or set gnat-lsp-server-exec. To try it:

      (setq-default ada-face-backend none)
      (setq-default ada-indent-backend none)
      (setq-default ada-xref-backend eglot)

Not tested with lsp-mode. You can set ada-*-backend to 'other to expermiment with that, or tree-sitter, or some other backend.

Incremental parse is provided. It still has some bugs, so it is not enabled by default. To try it:

      (setq-default wisi-incremental-parse-enable t)

Please report success or issues to the ada-mode mailing list


Ada mode uses a parser for the indentation, fontification, and navigation engine. The tools used to produce the Ada parser are included in the ada-mode and wisi ELPA packages; the upstream development version is available from the git repository in the Emacs ada-mode savannah project.

The parser generator.
Containers and other utilities used by WisiToken.

mailing list, bugs

Subscribe to the Emacs ada-mode-users mailing list, for developer and user discussions of Ada mode. WisiToken is discussed either on the Ada mode mailing list, or the newsgroup comp.lang.ada.

mailing list archive

Please report bugs both to the mailing list and to the Emacs bug list or Emacs debbugs. Put Package: emacs, ada-mode as the first line of the bug message.

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