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Anonymous Coder (lead developer, project maintainer, webmaster, project admin. (CVS,mailing list))
Pruet Boonma (co-developer)
vlaad (project manager)
coder b-hi-z (rap!)
flip (flip!)

Kat, for the best part of the worst thing.
Ching San, for giving place to live, to work and to hide myself from my suffering life.
an anonymous contributor, who told me the old design is kinda broken. He's my god of window manager. I was asking him for help but it seems he's quite a bit too busy. However, may be I won't see him around again, so sad... good bye veggies.
apache O+, for the suggestion on the main font color.
esammer, from irc:// for helping checking the my UML design.
flip, he promised me he'll start learning Objective-C and will start helping. :)
largo, he is one of those who always cheer me up. he's a big contributor to my ex-project Window Maker.
lin, She gave a name "Ping-ping". I once love her but too bad she didn't feel the same /me grins.
sleeper, for being calm all day and night listening to me complaining about the broken designs.
syngin, for telling me to change hover color.

(c) Copyright 2002 CSFSUH, anonymous coder