Data Fields

radio_param_t Union Reference
[Radio Access Functions]

Container for handover of radio parameter values. More...

Data Fields

ccamode_t cca_mode
channel_t channel
uint8_t data_rate
radio_state_t idle_state
uint64_t * long_addr
uint16_t pan_id
uint16_t short_addr
txpwr_t tx_pwr

Detailed Description

Container for handover of radio parameter values.

The elements in this union should have max. a size of 2 byte, all other parameters should be configured with the void pointer.

Field Documentation

Value for cca mode.

Value for current radio channel. (MIN_CHANNEL ... MAX_CHANNEL)

data rate type

after TX go to idle state

Pointer to long (64-bit) address

Value for PANID

Value for short address

Value for transmit power in dB.

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