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timer.h File Reference

Interface for Timer functions. More...

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Data Structures

struct  time_stamp_t


#define MSEC(v)   ((time_t)(v / (1.0e3 * TIMER_TICK)))
#define NONE_TIMER   (0)
#define USEC(v)   ((time_t)(v / (1.0e6 * TIMER_TICK)))


typedef uint32_t time_t
typedef uint32_t timer_arg_t
typedef time_ttimer_handler_t )(timer_arg_t p)
typedef uint16_t timer_hdl_t


void timer_get_tstamp (time_stamp_t *ts)
void timer_init (void)
 Initialization of the timer module.
timer_hdl_t timer_restart (timer_hdl_t th, time_t duration)
 Restarting a running timer.
void timer_set_systime (time_t sec)
 Set the current system time given in seconds since 1.1.1970.
timer_hdl_t timer_start (timer_handler_t *thfunc, time_t duration, timer_arg_t arg)
 Start a timer with a given handler function.
timer_hdl_t timer_stop (timer_hdl_t th)
 Stop a running timer.
time_t timer_systime (void)
 Return the current system time in ticks.

Detailed Description

Interface for Timer functions.

This module is inspired by Jörg Wunschs timer implementation, which can be found here:

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