µracoli provides libraries, example code and applications for use on different platforms with Atmels 8-bit-AVR-microcontrollers and IEEE 802.15.4 radio transceivers AT86RF{230,231,212} as well as ATmega128RFA1.

µracoli provides the following software components:


Include and Library Block Schematic

Getting Started

Before you can start, you need to install some software.

First at all you will need a working AVR toolchain. The GNU AVR tools (or WinAVR on Windows) are used for compiling the firmware. The programs avrdude, avarice, avr-gdb (or AVR-Studio on Windows) are used to flash and debug the compiled applications.

Additionally you probably want to install the python programming language with a version before .0 with the module pyserial in order to easily run and create PC applications that interact over the serial port with a radio module.

If you want to build all libraries and applications from scratch, scons is needed. Building the documentation requires doxygen and graphviz.

Some more detailed information about installing the software can be found at

Beside the software, two or more of the supported radio modules (see Boards and Modules) are needed.

In order to flash the compiled firmware into the micro controller, an hardware programmer like AVRISP, JTAGICE mkII, AVR-Dragon or a similiar tool is needed.

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