Release Notes

0.4.0 20130408
  - wibo
    * compile time selectable handling of bootloader exit modes, e.g. check a
      key or mailbox register in order to stay or exit immediate.
    * create and use config files
    * combine application and bootloader hex files together with config record
  - Arduino pakage
    * added a COSM logger sketch
  - wibo
    * uses now the correct radio channels from node config structure
 New Hardware
  - pinoccio

0.3.1 20121023
  - fixed bugs in wibohost
  - default baudrate for serial UART boards
    set to 38400 bit/s.

0.3.0 201208xx
 New Features
  - added sniffer source code to source code package
  - wuart refurished and it has now Hayes 302 break detection
    (the patent is expired)
  - arduino bootloader speed changed to 38400bps
  - introduced a simple p2p protocoll for wuart and wibo
    and added custom lua dissector for wireshark.
  - works now on 64bit Windows too.
 New Hardware
  - AT86RF233 and its standard boards.
  - derftorcbrfa1:
     Dresden Elektronik deRFtoRCB Adapter for ATmega128RFA1
  - arduino package added
  - sniffer package added (moved from uracoli-appnotes)

0.2.0  20120314
 New Features
  - generation of Makefile based source distribution
  - wireless bootloader (wibo) documented and added in
    source package
 New Hardware
  - Boards: stb128rfa1, muse231, zgbt1281a2uart0, zgbt1281a2uart1,
    zgbt1281a2nouart, im240a, im240a_eval, bitbean,
    cbb230[b], cbb231, cbb212, icm230_12a|b|c
  - packages are now defined in packages.cfg instead in
  - new example build scheme uses one (make,aps)-file per example.
  - software workaround for Sensor Terminal Board design issue, to
    avoid xmem bus contention
  - new documentaion scheme uses flat doxygen structure

0.0.11 20100121
 New Features
  - added new hardware abstraction using board.cfg file
  - addded Zigbit Core for Arduino
  - added python serial throuput tool
 New Hardware
  - MCU ATmega8, Atmega88, Atmega644P, ATmega128RFA1
  - Boards: littleGee V3, stkm8, rbb128rfa1, derfa1
  - #28148: incorporate patch that simplifies aps file generation
    (xsl transformation was replaced by simple text transformation)
  - raven usb stick uses now correct uracoli VID/PID
  - clean up of warnings in the code
  - reworked linear buffer examples
  - refactoring of wuart application
  - io data handling in
  - continued documentation

0.0.10 20090721
  - added new buffer macros in ioutil.h
  - added FCTL macros in transceiver.h
  - updated examples for lgee and radio stream
    fixes in

  - no change tracking till here

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