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hif.h File Reference

Interface for HostInterface functions. More...

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#define DUMP(sz, ptr)   hif_dump(sz,ptr)
#define FLASH_STRING(x)   PSTR(x)
#define HIF_PUTS_NEWLINE()   hif_puts_p(FLASH_STRING("\n\r"))
#define PRINT(fmt)   hif_echo(FLASH_STRING(fmt))
#define PRINTF(fmt,...)   hif_printf(FLASH_STRING(fmt), __VA_ARGS__)


void hif_dump (uint16_t sz, uint8_t *d)
 Print hexdump of a data array to the interface.
void hif_echo (FLASH_STRING_T str)
 Print a string to the interface.
uint8_t hif_get_blk (unsigned char *data, uint8_t max_size)
 Get a block of bytes from the host interface.
int hif_getc (void)
 Get a charakter byte from the host interface.
void hif_init (const uint32_t baudrate)
 Initialize host interface.
void hif_printf (FLASH_STRING_T fmt,...)
 Print a formated string to the interface.
uint8_t hif_put_blk (unsigned char *data, uint8_t size)
 Send a block of characters to the interface.
int hif_putc (int c)
 Send a character to the interface.
void hif_puts (const char *s)
 Send string to the interface.
void hif_puts_p (const char *progmem_s)
 Send a programm memory string to the interface.

Detailed Description

Interface for HostInterface functions.

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