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HardwareRadio Class Reference
[Arduino Radio Functions]

Radio Class definition. More...

Public Member Functions

radio_buffer_talloc_buffer (void)
int available (void)
void begin (void)
void begin (uint8_t channel, uint8_t idlestate)
void flush (void)
void free_buffer (radio_buffer_t *pbuf)
void get_int (int16_t &value)
void put (int16_t value)
int read (void)
void write (char *str)
void write (uint8_t byte)

Data Fields

node_config_t nc
volatile uint8_t tx_in_progress

Detailed Description

Radio Class definition.

Member Function Documentation

radio_buffer_t* HardwareRadio::alloc_buffer ( void   ) 

Allocate a radio buffer

int HardwareRadio::available ( void   ) 

Check if data in the RX buffer is availbale.

void HardwareRadio::begin ( uint8_t  channel,
uint8_t  idlestate 

constructor 2

void HardwareRadio::begin ( void   ) 

constructor 1

void HardwareRadio::flush ( void   ) 

Flush the TX buffer.

void HardwareRadio::free_buffer ( radio_buffer_t pbuf  ) 

Free a radio buffer

void HardwareRadio::get_int ( int16_t &  value  ) 

Retireve a 16 bit integer value from the stream

void HardwareRadio::put ( int16_t  value  ) 

Insert a 16 bit integer value in the stream

int HardwareRadio::read ( void   ) 

Read a byte from the RX bufffer.

void HardwareRadio::write ( char *  str  ) 

Method to write a string

void HardwareRadio::write ( uint8_t  byte  ) 

Method to write a byte

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