a tracker style MIDI sequencer


Tutka is a free (as in freedom) tracker style MIDI sequencer for GNU/Linux and Mac OS X. It is similar to programs like SoundTracker, ProTracker and FastTracker except that it does not support samples and is meant for MIDI use only. Tutka uses a custom XML based file format for storing songs. Songs in OctaMED SoundStudio's MMD2 file format can also be loaded and saved. Tutka is licensed under the GNU GPL.

Even though Tutka 0.12.x has been very stable for quite some time now it is still not finished. It may not work, it may lose your work or do other unintended things. The author takes no responsibility for any loss of data caused by Tutka. See the Savannah bugs page for Tutka for a list of bugs and missing features. Please report any bugs you find. Tutka 0.99.x should be considered to be a work in progress at this point.

An example song written using Tutka is available for download in Ogg Vorbis format.


2012-07-07: Tutka being rewritten using Qt and Mac OS X.

In preparation for version 1.0 Tutka is being rewritten using Qt. There are no new features except support for Mac OS X. The rewrite may have caused some regressions but the intention is to iron these out as soon as they are found. The source code for the Qt version (0.99.x) is available from the Tutka Git repository.

2011-01-30: Tutka 0.12.5 released.


  • Insert/delete track functionality was implemented

2006-09-15: Tutka 0.12.4 released.


  • Tracker widget refreshing was improved
  • A bug in copy/paste functionality was fixed
  • A bug that caused a crash on startup in some environments was fixed

2005-04-17: Tutka 0.12.3 autopackage available.

There is now an autopackage of Tutka 0.12.3 available for download. It can be considered a little bit experimental since it has not been tested much. As usual, please report any bugs you find.

2005-04-14: Tutka 0.12.3 released.


  • The tracker widget now uses Pango for better font rendering
  • Tracker scrollbars were fixed
  • Mouse wheel scrolling was implemented
  • Other small improvements to the tracker widget were made
  • External MIDI sync support was added
  • Relocation and Autopackage support were implemented
  • Preliminary Jack transport support was added

Tutka 0.12.x has new requirements. It requires ALSA 0.9 or later, GTK+ 2.4 or later and libglade 2.4.2 or later. The ALSA requirement enables multiple MIDI interface support and makes it possible to use Tutka with software synthesizers.

The multiple MIDI interface support is the most untested part of Tutka so you may encounter problems when using multiple MIDI interfaces. Please report any problems you find using the Savannah bugs page for Tutka.

Songs saved using Tutka 0.11.x should work in Tutka 0.12.x. Songs saved with Tutka 0.12.x won't work with earlier versions of Tutka though. Tutka 0.10.x songs need to be converted to a new file format using the supplied tutka-pre-0.11-convert.awk script. If the song is from a Tutka version earlier than 0.10.0 it first needs to be converted using tutka-pre-0.10-convert.awk and then again using tutka-pre-0.11-convert.awk.

Please see the Savannah news page for Tutka for older news.


Tutka 0.99.x requires Qt >= 4.8.0 and alsa >= 0.9 (on GNU/Linux).

Tutka 0.12.x requires alsa >= 0.9, gtk+-2.0 >= 2.4, libgnomeui-2.6, libxml-2.0 >= 2.4.16, libglade-2.0 >= 2.4.2 and their dependencies.


You can download Tutka from http://savannah.nongnu.org/download/tutka/. The latest released version is 0.12.5.


Please report bugs and send suggestions using the Savannah bugs page for Tutka.


Tutka is programmed by Vesa Halttunen <vesuri@jormas.com>.

© 2002-2012 Vesa Halttunen.

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