GNU/Hurd Documentation

Welcome and Installation
Monthly Mailing list greeting
GNU/Hurd Hardware Compatibility Guide
Install Guide by Neal Walfield.
Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ by Neal Walfield.
English Presentation by Marcus Brinkmann
French Presentation by Neal Walfield
The translator concept
Porting package/programs
Porting Debian package
Examples of patches submitted to compile and run programs on GNU/Hurd
Buildd logs: This buildd is run by Jeff Bailey
Unofficial GNU/Hurd hacking Guide by Wolfgang Jhrling
Lesson 1: Mach ipc without mig by Neal Walfield
Extra Activities
Putting a Login Shell on your Serial Port by Ryan M Golbeck
Manual bootstrapping a translator by Neal Walfield
Booting and Debugging OSKIT-Mach by Igor Khavkine
Building a cross-compiler
Running a Sub-Hurd

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