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4.3 XSLT customisation layer

I don't want to spent too many words on that because people trying it must know what they are doing anyway. Basically it means that you call Saxon with a stylesheet provided by you, instead of texi2latex.xsl. However, you include texi2latex.xsl in your stylesheet. So, your stylesheet will look like this:

     <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0"
       <xsl:import href="texi2latex.xsl"/>
     Your templates ...

Put this file in the same directory where texi2latex.xsl resides, or, if you don't like that, put it anywhere and insert the full path to texi2latex.xsl in the href attribute.

Your templates ...” may be a copy of one or more original templates from the texi2latex source, plus a couple of modifications by you. They will override their original counterparts. With this you have full control of the LaTeX that is generated.

(Damn, I wanted to say nothing, but now I told the whole story. But it doesn't help much, does it?)