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2.1 Prerequisites

For building texi2latex, a C++ compiler is necessary. Well, actually you only use it for building a supporting program called tbrplent.

In order to use texi2latex, you need makeinfo from the standard Texinfo distribution, a modern and complete LaTeX, and an XSLT processor.

makeinfo should be clear.

As far as LaTeX is concerned, it's important to have all packages that your document includes. This is hyperref, hypbmsec, listings, float, caption2, longtable, booktabs, and fancybox. Most of them should have been shipped with your LaTeX distribution. If not, you get them at CTAN.

It is highly probable though that you must install an XSLT 1.0 processor. The best one in my opinion is Saxon. Attention: Don't download and install version 8.x but version 6.5.3.