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2.3 Manual installation

The manual installation I describe here is not a full substitute of the make call. You should regard it as an emergency procedure if using make is not possible for you. In this case, you will have to call the conversion programs manually, see Step-by-step conversion.

  1. Compile the C++ file in the directory tbrplent/. Move the resulting executable to somewhere in your PATH.

    tbrplent needs the file tbents.txt. You can move tbents.txt to an arbitrary directory, however, tbrplent must find it. There are two possibilities:

    1. You define the environment variable TBLIBDIR that points to that directory. This variable must end in a `/' (or `\' on Windows).
    2. Compile the path to tbents.txt into tbrplent by calling
                     c++ -O2 -DTBLIBDIR="/directory/of/tbents.txt/"

      Here, too, you have to include the trailing `/'.

  2. Move the directory xslt/ with its complete contents to where you want to have it. It's totally unimportant where it is, but you must specify its path when you invoke Saxon, see Step-by-step conversion.