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1.2 Limitations and bugs

The XML output format of makeinfo is almost but not fully mature. So if you want to use advanced features such as index mapping (@synindex), it is necessary to install a very fresh version of Texinfo, whenever possible a CVS version. And even then some things will still be missing.

Note: texi2latex has its own version of texinfo.dtd. It is necessary that this is used instead of Texinfo's CVS DTD. However, normally this is done automatically. See Usage, for how to invoke texi2latex without worrying about the correct DTD.

Other problems include:

The complete list of known deficiencies is included into the TODO file of the texi2latex distribution.

Please report bugs at the Savannah tracker system, and send your questions to the mailing list. Both can be found on texi2latex's homepage. The mailing list is also available at <>.


[1] tbrplent originally is a part of tbook. It is responsible for replacing UTF-8 sequences with LaTeX representations.