Terminal - a GNUstep terminal emulator

copyright 2002, 2003 Alexander Malmberg <alexander@malmberg.org>


Terminal is a terminal emulator for GNUstep (and potentially other OpenStep-based systems). It emulates a 'linux' terminal. It handles multi-cell glyphs, is completely unicode internally, and can use any character sets for input and output (any that your system's iconv supports, that is). It also provides terminal services to other applications.

Here is an old screenshot of a couple of terminal windows, including some with non-latin text.

Where to get it

Current version: Terminal 0.9.4 (62kb) (ChangeLog)

Or you can see that complete release list, or get the very latest version using cvs.

If you use back-art, a nice font for Terminal is Fixed.nfont. Note that it is only available in 13pt.

Bugs and feature requests

Please submit bugs using the bug tracker (after checking that it isn't already there). You can also use it to browse any known bugs.

Feature requests can be sent to the mailing list (preferably), or directly to me.

Terminal services

In this section there's supposed to be a neat collection of terminal services different persons have thought of and created. Since I don't have a neat collection yet, it's empty. If you have some neat terminal services, please export them to a .svcs file and send them to me.
copyright 2002, 2003 Alexander Malmberg <alexander@malmberg.org>

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