Example 1: Very simple backup

This is a simple configuration with storeBackup using only the two required options (the source directory and the backup destination) and a single optional parameter, the name of a log file. This configuration will backup the source tree /home/jim to /backup:

# storeBackup.pl --sourceDir /home/jim --backupDir /backup/jim --logFile /tmp/storeBackup.log

The option --logFile is optional and tells storeBackup to log into the file /tmp/storeBackup.log. Otherwise it would log to stdout.

The option ``backupDir'' is the destination - the external USB drive or other place your copied files will reside when the backup is finished. For more info, have a look at Quick Start. If you still have questions, review storeBackup.pl Options and specifically look at the --backupDir option.

Heinz-Josef Claes 2014-04-20