Replication of backups

NOTE: If you want to use replication in your data center and if you have questions about what is possible in addition to the described scenario(s) in this chapter, please send me an e-mail. With some scripting it is possible to enhance the behavior and the possibilities for replicating, e.g. to other locations. The result of these discussions may result in better documentation and new features.

When you use storeBackup, you normally create new backups by hard linking them to older backups in the same series or maybe also to other series. You should store your backups on another disk (or even another computer) so a failure of the source disk does not destroy your backup. But what happens if the backup disk fails? - You will lose the history of your data. This kind of failure may include the hardware (the disk itself), the filesystem or a when a building burns down. A RAID does not protect against all data loss possibilities. (For more on this topic use a search engine to search the phrase Why RAID is not a backup solution.)

Heinz-Josef Claes 2014-04-20