Selecting Directories / Files to Backup

StoreBackup allows you to use and combine different methods to select directories or individual files to be - or not to be - part of the backup. The following options of can be combined.

Matching Directories:

When specifying directories for including or excluding, you can use wildcards. StoreBackup calls a shell to evaluate those wildcards and prints the result in the log file(s). If wildcard sounds strange to you and you want to know what it is, use an internet search engine for the term ``wildcard shell''.

Matching Files:

Because includeRule and exceptRule only work on files, the backup of the directory structure is not affected by matches. Especially - you cannot match directories itself.

Within a rule, you may use the rule functions MARC_DIR and MARC_DIR_REC to match all files of a directory (maybe including its subdirectories). See EXAMPLE 5 in chapter Defining Rules about how to use those rule functions.

For better control and examination about excluded files because of rules, you may want to use option writeExcludeLog. If set, the (relative) files names of all excluded files are written to .storeBackup.notSaved.bz2 in the top level directory in your actually created backup.

Heinz-Josef Claes 2014-04-20