Version 3.4

This version corrects some bugs. See ChangeLog for details about this. The following new features are added (beside minor ones):

Storing of system-incompatible file systems
A backup eg. on NTFS or via sshfs cannot store ``special files''. Now, can use options archiveTypes and specialTypeArchiver to save these files in individual cpio or tar archives.
Special treatment of directories
You can use file system flags set outside of storeBackup to exclude defined directories (optionally with its subdirectories) from backup or to compress files. See example 5 in chapter Defining Rules.
Simple recreation of isolated mode
A configuration file generated for isolated mode can now be used again for setting up the identical isolated mode again.
The pdf version of this document (which is included in each download) now uses microtype for better readability, see

Heinz-Josef Claes 2014-04-20