Download the SGE

There is currently one implementation of the SGE available: the Pygame SGE. The latest release of the Pygame SGE is 0.14. This is the version recommended for use.

The Pygame SGE requires Python, either Python 2 version 2.7 or later or Python 3 version 3.1 or later, and Pygame version 1.9.1 or later.

You may also be interested in xSGE. xSGE ("Extensions for the SGE") is a collection of modules that make doing certain tasks easier. Unlike the Pygame SGE, xSGE is under the GNU General Public License, so if you release a game that uses xSGE, you must do so under a GPL-compatible license.

If you want an older version of the SGE or xSGE, you can download it from the releases directory:

If you want the absolute latest changes in the SGE or xSGE, you can get it from the public Git repository. Be careful; the contents of the Git repository are subject to drastic changes and breakage at any time. Each branch in the repository contains a different implementation of the SGE or SGE-related component, so be sure to switch to the right one: