Download the SGE

There is currently one implementation of the SGE available: the Pygame SGE. The latest release of the Pygame SGE is 0.9.1. This is the version recommended for use. This release is considered to be a beta release; it is basically complete, but has not been thoroughly tested. Please help push it out of the beta stage by using it and reporting any bugs!

There is a Python 2-compatible version (for Python 2.7) and a Python 3-compatible version (for Python 3.1 or later) of the Pygame SGE. Please download the correct version for the version of Python you have installed. Pygame version 1.9.2 or later is also required (1.9.0 or later for the Python 2 version).

If you want an older version of the SGE, you can download it from the releases directory:

If you want the absolute latest changes in the SGE, you can get it from the public Git repository. Be careful; the contents of the Git repository are subject to drastic changes and breakage at any time: