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Our organization
COOPI is an independent non-governmental organization, founded in Italy, committed to fighting against social injustice and poverty in the global South and to building a future that guarantees everyone adequate living conditions, equal opportunities and respect of their rights.
Since 1965 COOPI has carried out more than 600 development projects and emergency interventions in 50 countries in co-operation with more than 30,000 local workers, this ensuring direct benefit to more than 50 million people.
In Africa, Latin America, Asia and in Eastern Europe COOPI promotes the access to water and the right to proper health and education services in poorer communities, and gives immediate and long-term aid to populations hit by war or natural disasters.

Our objectives
COOPI works towards fighting the cause of poverty and social injustice and for the building of a world in which all are guaranteed dignity, human rights and equal opportunity.
COOPI projects are financed by the European Union, United Nations agencies , local organizations and private citizens.
The funds are managed with maximum efficiency and transparency and the budget is certified by an accounting agency.
COOPI uses nearly 20 million euro each year: a figure which demonstrates the trust which is given to our work.

Our mission
COOPI is dedicated to reducing poverty in the global South through interventions of long-term sustainable international cooperation and with advocacy activities in Italy, to fight the cause of the serious economic gap between the North and South.

Alessio Carminati

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