Chapter 5. Services IPC

Table of Contents

Making contact with services
System Authentication Details
Object Authentication Details
Query Messages
System Queries
Object Queries
Alter Messages
Registered Nick Alterations
Other IPC Commands

Making contact with services

Services' IPC facility (if enabled) is provided by a TCP Stream listener that binds to the local interface.

At this time, the testing services on SorceryNet are using local port 2050 for this purpose, but any other port could be used, as an explicit port number is supplied in services.conf to enable IPC. So an application using IPC will need to consider the port number a variable parameter that is supplied when services have been configured to use a particular port number.

Contact is initiated by simply connecting to the local TCP port.

Once a connection is established, commands will be read from the connection, although many will be unavailable until you authenticate for some IPC system privileges.

All messages are read as commands, input is line-by-line much like in IRC; however, unlike in IRC, the commands are case-sensitive.


is a valid command, but

	AuTh SyStEm LOGIN bob

is not a valid command and will either be ignored or you may instead receive an error:

	ERR-NOAUTH (Allowed: AUTH, HELP, QUIT) - You are not authenticated.