Chapter 3. Configuring Services

Table of Contents

About services.conf
Mandatory configuration directives
Recommended Directives
Optional Directives

About services.conf

Services.conf is the file used to set certain parameters and variables, particularly limits and startup settings that are global to services.

A services.conf configuration file is viewed by services as a series of directives to be executed as the file is being read, and each line is a single directive.

A directive which takes a single line consists of a special word that services knows to represent a certain kind of directive, followed by a colon, and then a parameter for the directive.

Any line beginning with a ``#'' symbol is instead read as a comment (or annotation) and is ignored by services. This can also be used to comment out or temporarily disable a directive.

Some directives are completely optional, whereas others must be invoked at least once in order for services to start up properly. What follows is a description of each directive.