Administering Permission Flags

The command /OperServ SETOP is used to administer permission flags of operators.

There exist a number of 'flags' that allow access to specific services functions to be shared with operators. These permission flags can be added or removed individually as needed.

The command /OperServ SETOP LIST displays a list of all operators who have been assigned any special permissions, and the command /OperSERV SETOP <nickname> shows the access flags that nickname has (if any).

Other than this, SETOP acts much like the /mode command, each flag resembles an 'mode' in that it determines the access (or no access) state of an operator to a services function.

Also note that the Administrative access to services allows one to change on/off any mode shown below, but the setop access granted by the +s access greatly limited in comparison, because a +s user can only revoke or assign certain very specific permissions, never can a user other than a services root change the flags of a '+!' user either.

The following are the flags that can be toggled by any user with access to SETOP (who also has that flag):

The following permission flags require administrative access to change:

Information on the other commands is well-documented within services itself, see /OperServ HELP, /ChanServ HELP <command>, ... for more information.