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Small File Renamer is a program for renaming files and directories.

Program works in GNU/Linux.

File names should be in unicode format.

It was originally made to work with Midnight Commander but it may be used
separately or with some other program.


Program may work in previous versions, I just wrote on which I was compiling
this program and there were no problems.

Installation and running

Compile source file with gcc, example compile command is showed below:

gcc -std=c11 -Wall `pkg-config --cflags gtk+-3.0` -o sfrename sfrename.c \
`pkg-config --libs gtk+-3.0`

File names should be passed to program as arguments, example of use:
sfrename filename1.ext filename2.ext

Note for i3 window manager users:

Add this line to i3 config file to show program window as separate (floating) window:

for_window [instance="sfrename"] floating enable

Example use with MC

I made this program to use it with Midnight Commander to rename files and
directories. To use it in MC you can make a menu entry, that will run this program with
selected files and directories.

If you put lines shown below in Midnight Commander menu file, you can
rename files by selecting them, pressing 'F2' and in menu the 'R' key,
selected files and dirs will be passed to program in command line as
program arguments.

MC menu lines:

+ ! t t
R       Rename file
        ~/sfrename %f
+ t t
R       Rename files
        ~/sfrename %t


Contact and help

In case of problems with the program, please contact me: michalb1981@o2.pl

To check out my other apps visit: http://init6.pomorze.pl/