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The Example Scripts User Scripting Sketch's API

The Script Registry

The script registry contains all user scripts and its contents are used to create the Script menu. The script registry is implemented in the (sub-)package Sketch.Scripting. Because the Scripting package is not automatically imported by the Sketch package, you have to import Sketch.Scripting explicitly before accessing the registry functions.

Functions in the registry package:

AddFunction(name, title, function[, kwargs])

Add the function function to the registry under the name name. name is used internally to identify the script and should be unique.

The parameter title defines the text for the menu-entry.

The function accepts these optional keyword arguments:

script_type = type

The type of the script. It can be either SafeScript or AdvancedScript. Both values are defined in the Scripting package. The default is SafeScript.

menu = menu_spec

Defines the sub-menu the script should appear in. The menu_spec can be either a string or a tuple of strings. Each string is the title of a sub-menu.

args = argtuple

Defines additional positional parameters passed to the script function after the context parameter. argtuple must be a tuple containing these arguments. It defaults to the empty tuple.

Example: Registering the abut_horizontal script in the sub-menu "Arrange"

Sketch.Scripting.AddFunction('abut_horizontal', 'Abut Horizontal',
                             abut_horizontal, menu = 'Arrange')

The Example Scripts User Scripting Sketch's API
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