The SimulAVR program is a simulator for the Atmel AVR family (now on Microchip) of microcontrollers. (ATtiny and ATmega) SimulAVR can be used either standalone or as a remote target for avr-gdb. There is a python- and TCL interface. When used in gdbserver mode, the simulator is used as a back-end so that avr-gdb can be used as a source level debugger for AVR programs.

SimulAVR started out as a C based project written by Theodore Roth in 2001. Klaus Rudolph started then in 2004 to rewrite the hardware simulation part in C++. Only the instruction decoder and the avr-gdb interface are mostly copied from the original simulavr sources. This C++ based version was known as simulavrxx until it became feature compatibile with the old simulavr code, then it renamed back to simulavr.

More informations ...

The project is hosted at https://savannah.gnu.org/projects/simulavr (homepage: https://www.nongnu.org/simulavr) .

Simulavr is published unter GPLv2 license. For authors and contributors see copyright chapter in documentation.

We have a development mailing list (see archive) and a bug tracker for the communication with developers.

Please read more about activities, plans, releases, download and so one.

We hold also the "old" code and releases from simulavr and simulavrxx for maintenance and for comparison reasons. There is some maintenance for the "old" C based simulavr, especially to support projects, which use simulavr. But we recommend to use the new simulavr version soon!