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What is SGE?

SGE (Strategic Game Engine) is an engine for building real time strategic games.

How to build the games?

The configuration of the games is done with XML. I expect to write a document explaning how to build the games when I have some time.
Later we expect to write a game editor with gui. If somebody are interested to do this, please let me know.

In which state is?

It is very alpha yet and it can't be played. For now it is only interesting for programers that want to see the code.

For what system is?

We are doing it with Debian GNU Linux i386, but it is portable for Windows using the cygwin tools and mingw compiler.

Wich properties does it have?

It is thinked to be very configurable.
Remember! The engine is very alpha and is posible that many of this properties are not implemented yet, but we have already thinked it.

The proyect is hosted on Savannah
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To contact me you can use my email

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