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5 Invoking

Usage: sdcdc [OPTIONS]...

-h --help Print help and exit.
-V --version Print version and exit.
-C FILE --conf=FILE Configuration file (optional).
-t STRING --type=STRING Image type. Valid values are “cd” (for CD labels), “dvd” (for DVD labels), “bd” for Blu-ray Disc labels, “cd-fc” (for CD front covers), “dvd-fc” (for DVD front covers) and “bd-fc” (for BD front covers).
-c STRING --cdn=STRING CD number. Valid values are integers from 0 to 99 (included).
-l STRING --lang=STRING Language. Valid values are “en” (for English) and “it” (for Italian).
-a STRING --arch=STRING Architecture. Valid values are: “i386”, “m68k”, “sparc”, “alpha”, “powerpc”, “arm”, “mips”, “mipsel”, “hppa”, “ia64”, “s390”, “armel”, “amd64”, “ppc64”, “superh”, “armhf”, “m32r” and “avr32”.
-s STRING --system=STRING System. Valid values are “GNU/Linux”, “GNU/Hurd”, “GNU/NetBSD” and “GNU/kFreeBSD”.
-v STRING --vers=STRING Version. Valid values are: “6.0.0”, “6.0.1”, “potato”, “woody”, “sarge”, “etch”, “lenny”, “squeeze” and“sid”.
-o FILE --output=FILE Output file name.
-S FILE --source-image=FILE Source image (optional).
-m FILE --main-scm-source=FILE Scheme source file (optional).