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Introduction to screenplay.el

This web page documents screenplay.el, an Emacs major mode for writing, editing and formatting screenplays.
screenplay.el is not part of the GNU project.

WARNING: This mode is designed and coded with GNU Emacs version 21.3 on a GNU/Linux system. (Slackware)
There is no guarantee of interoperability with older Emacs versions, variants of Emacs, e.g. Xemacs, or Emacs on non-Unix like operating systems. I have enough problems dealing with GNU Emacs Lisp much less dealing with variants, so don't expect the situation to change.

Downloading screenplay.el

Screenplay Mode is available here:
Savannah CVS repository.
and here:

What the Customers Say

How can I complain about this?

Lastly, the class screenplay for Emacs ([106] http://www.nongnu.org/screenplay/(...) ). Well also, but the project has the given up air, and in any case it suffers from the same reproaches that I make with the Latex class). And then it should be found on the Net, since it is not available on the site in question (finally, it is not too hard either:)
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I'm famous!
Movie Making Manual on Wikibooks.

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