ReCaged now got a new website!

This is the old website, the new one got a proper domain name and a forum. Just follow these links:

This page will not be updated any more, but it will remain here in case anyone looks for it.


ReCaged is a Free Software, Futuristic, Racing Simulator inspiration by the old RollCage games.

Important note to Debian Squeeze (Stable) users

There seems to be a problem with how the package "libode1" was compiled, which causes a simulation error on collisions between two trimeshes (causes version 0.7.0 of ReCaged to appear to terminate at start). Here are three different solutions to the problem (choose the one you want):

If you experience any other problem(s), under any distro, please don't hesitate to send me an email!

Version 0.7.0 released

That's right! After more than a year, a new version is finally ready!

Unfortunately (for the project, that is) I'm now studying again so there will not be a lot of activity for some time. But eventually I'm hoping to be able to continue (with autoconf, inno setup and lua scripting being my top priorities).

If you want to contact me, just decipher the following: "rcxslinger <a in a ring> gmail <dot> com". I might not respond on the same day, but I will reply eventually.

To all fellow rollcagers of I hope Jon will get the site up and running again, especially the forum. Or a backup of the forum posts (for migration/archiving). Because while Savannah will be used for most project-related stuff, like:

It can not provide a new forum and off-topic discussions, so we will have to look elsewhere for that...

At some point I'll add links to some external resources, like:

And I should probably add a FAQ... Just send me any questions you have until then.

... And probably a video section... But would need to find some suitable music.

/Mats ("Slinger")