Exception while running duplicity

Peter Ehrenberg pe@dipe.de
20 Sep 2002 15:10:09 +0200

Ben Escoto <bescoto@stanford.edu> writes:

> [...] Ahh, the first bug report... I was hoping that someone other
> than me was trying to run it...

IMHO there is a little bit less documentation on who it works. 

    o The importance of local archive directory.

    o If the backed up machine completely crashes, can I get my data
      back by hand without duplicity? This to know would relieved me.

> > [...abot three slashes for an absolut path...] 

> It's a bit confusing, but I think I'm following the standard. [...]

> > [...about an exception...] 

> Looks like a problem with --exclude-other-filesystems. Is it
> possible you were deleting files during the backup?

The backup runs on an active machine. There may be deleting of files
in the same time.

> If so, this patch should fix it [...] 

I've applied the patch. Tests will go on...

> but if not, then it won't, so if you weren't deleting files then no
> need to try it out. Is it choking on any particular directory?

Which verbose level I have to set to get the directory name (I've
tried -v9 but getting gigabytes of debug output)?

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