Problems with 0.10.0 on Windows

"Törrönen, Paul-Erik"
Fri, 20 Sep 2002 09:38:45 +0300

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> In the future perhaps we need an --exclude-special-files option?  How
> about sockets, can you back those up?  Symlinks?

AFAIK no, but then again, those are not important in our case.

> Are all/most windows file systems case insensitive?  If so, perhaps
> there should be a way to encode the case better.  For instance,

AFAIK all, including the newest NTFS which is shipped with the
Windows XP. This is a 'compatibility' feature.

> course, names would get a lot longer.  What is the max filename length
> under windows usually?  256?  Since there is a 4x length expansion
> when quoting an ALL CAPS filename couldn't get longer than 50
> characters...

256 characters on NTFS as well as VFAT and FAT32.

> "hello1234world;x1C50" (where we use ";x" or something to signal the
> start of one of these strings).  But this way sounds like more work
> for me...

And obfuscates the files quite effectively.

Just a thought, why not support encapsulation on the remote-end as
an option? This would retain the local access-parameters of the file
and would also solve the abovementioned case-sensitivity problem
(and filename length, if used on some seriously crippled or outdated

For example in our case the client (linux) sends the initial files
in a tar-ball which the server (windows) then uses as a base to
calculate whether the files have changed since.

In princip use some suitable archiving system (why reinvent the wheel?)
and create a 'virtual filesystem' on the server which supports the
features of the remote client filesystem.

BTW. the fifo-patch seems to work fine, but now the rdiff-backup
seems to doze off from time to time and wakes up at keyboard
acitivity. I ran it (with -v7) of the cmd-console and noticed
that it had stopped at some large file (~600 MB). Left it for the
night and it was still in the same state when I came back in
the morning. The task manager showed no action until I hit the
enter-key in the console window. The program resumed after that
just as nothing had happened. Weird...


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