Problems with 0.10.0 on Windows

Ben Escoto
Wed, 18 Sep 2002 09:49:50 -0700

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>>>>> "PE" == paul-erik torronen <iso-8859-1>
>>>>> wrote the following on Wed, 18 Sep 2002 17:12:50 +0300

  >> Then when you use --exclude-device-files it will also exclude
  >> fifos.  Hopefully that will solve your "Function not implemented"
  >> error.

  PE> At least it keeps on instead of bailing out (should have tested
  PE> it on a smaller installation :-). So it seems to tackle the fifo
  PE> problem.

In the future perhaps we need an --exclude-special-files option?  How
about sockets, can you back those up?  Symlinks?

  PE> Yes, NTFS pretends to know the difference between upper and
  PE> lowercase but handles them internally as equal. Insofar this has
  PE> not been a problem since the users mostly create their files
  PE> using windows and are knowleable enough not to create such
  PE> conflicts when occationally using Linux.  Insofar only the
  PE> ipfilter-modules have had this problem.

Are all/most windows file systems case insensitive?  If so, perhaps
there should be a way to encode the case better.  For instance,
perhaps all the, say, upper case characters could be quoted (like
--chars-to-quote A-Z).  Then 'FilE' would turn into ';070il;069'.  Of
course, names would get a lot longer.  What is the max filename length
under windows usually?  256?  Since there is a 4x length expansion
when quoting an ALL CAPS filename couldn't get longer than 50

    Another option would be to assign a binary number to the letter
strings, where each bit denotes the capitalization.  So "FilE" would
turn into "file" (1001), and "HELlo1234WOrld" would be
"hello1234world" (1110011000).  Then the binary could be encoded into
hex and tacked on the end:  "FilE" -> "file;x11", "HELlo1234WOrld" ->
"hello1234world;x1C50" (where we use ";x" or something to signal the
start of one of these strings).  But this way sounds like more work
for me...

Ben Escoto

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