Version 0.10.0 released

Ben Escoto
Tue, 10 Sep 2002 23:49:37 -0700

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It was my feeling that the 0.9.x series was getting more stable than
0.8.0, but 1.0 was premature because of librsync's state of disarray
(and also because of large file problems reported recently by John
Burns).  So 0.10.0 seemed like a good number.  Perhaps we can get to
1.0 after a short 0.11.x cycle.

Anyway, following is the relevant CHANGELOG section.

New in v0.10.0 (2002/09/10)

Fixed bug, probably introduced in 0.9.3, which prevented restores from
a local source to a remote destination.  Reported by Phillip Eby.

Fixed another bug reported by Phillip Eby, where restores would fail
if rdiff-backup had only been run once and no increments were

A few man page additions regarding restoring, statistics, and
--test-server (thanks to Gregor Zattler, Christopher Schanzle, and
Tobias Polzin for suggestions).

Fixed comparison bug where rdiff-backup would unnecessarily report a
directory as changed when its source size differed from its mirror
size.  Thanks to Tim Allen for report.

Ben Escoto

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