error: argument after * must be a sequence

Henrik Lewander
Tue, 10 Sep 2002 08:22:14 +0200

From: "Ben Escoto" <>
>  HL> But when I tried to do a more complex backup rdiff-backup fails
>  HL> with all the stuff below. Somebody knows whats going on? I
>  HL> skimmed the archive but didn't find anything.  I use
>  HL> --include-filelist (with no *) with some directories and last -
 > HL> / rdiff-backup is 0.8.0 it seems (debian unstable).
> At the very least this is a cryptic error message..  It would help if
> I could reproduce the error.  What is command line you're running?

Actually, I was making an error myself. I just added directories to the
filelist (backup-newton-filelist):

- /

I don't have the exact command line I ran but I think it was
rdiff-backup --include-filelist backup-newton-filelist newton-backup::/

I suppose though that it should have created the directories and the one
single file?