--bwlimit how to

Adam Lazur adam@lazur.org
Sun, 8 Sep 2002 11:24:19 -0400

trevor@tecnopolis.ca (trevor@tecnopolis.ca) said:
> A friend suggested to me that perhaps one could use linux's network
> layer rate limiting / quality of service capabilities instead.  I've
> never played with those facilities and since cstream (for now) will fit
> the bill adequately, I don't think I'll investigate it further at this
> time.

FWIW, I use wondershaper (http://lartc.org/wondershaper/). It's a
tuneable canned set of qos rules for a linux firewall. It allows me to
maintain low latency interactive ssh sessions when other
processes/people would normally suck up all available network bandwidth.

Adam Lazur, Cluster Monkey