Is it the right tool?
Thu, 5 Sep 2002 16:39:26 +0100

>     I don't have any experience with this (perhaps someone
>     else on
> this will pipe up) but there was a recent discussion on the
> rsync list about this.  Maybe this message will be helpful
> to you:  (edited by me)
I've been away a few days, so apologies for the delay.  Thanks for the info, I'll follow that 
up.  I've seen a few discussions about the possibility of a versioning file system for Linux but 
I don't think anything's got to alpha yet (?)  Coming from a Netware background it's 
something you miss.

Incidently, I'm working on a simple shell script for making restoring easier for someone 
completely new to Linux, but since I'm not much of a programmer I was wondering 
whether anyone has already done any work on this?


Phil Chandler
IT Manager